Ballyliffin Golf Club

Golden Jubilee Commerative Booklet 1947 - 1997


Lines from a famous song go as follows. .."take off your hat my darling Pat and put on your oul caipin, for todays our Golden Wedding and I want them all to know just how we looked when we were wed 50 years ago. .."

In assuming this task, I had three aims: to take the hat off Ballyliffin Golf Club 1997 and reveal how it looked 50 years ago, to collate and preserve facts about the Club that might otherwise have been lost, and to do justice to the Club by providing an interesting read.

I hope that you enjoy what follows. My sincere thanks to all who helped in any way. I am sure they will recognise their particular contribution. I would have liked to mention by name each and everyone who contributed to the booklet and indeed, to the development of the Club, but regrettably this is not practicable.

Mr Cecil Doherty P.R.O

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