Ballyliffin Golf Club

Golden Jubilee Commerative Booklet 1947 - 1997

F.A.S and Ballyliffin


Ballyliffin Golf Club is deeply indebted to FAS for its support over the past ten years. I can safely say that had it not been for their support through the years Ballyliffin Golf Club would not be the proud owner of two Championship Golf Courses today with a membership of over 1000 and plans drawn to build a new modern clubhouse.

On behalf of the Club as sponsor of the FAS Scheme I would like to thank all FAS participants, both male and female, who have contributed in no uncertain terms to the development of the Club. They have done tremendous work in preparing and upgrading the 'Old' Course and in the construction of the 'New' Glashedy Links. I would particularly like to mention their building of the famous riveted bunkers which is of a very high standard. This was achieved under the guidance of our FAS Supevisor Mr. Cathal Crawford, who has been most dutiful in motivating workers and looking after their own time development training and technical skills.

FAS has grant aided Ballyliffin Golf Club from 1987 to 1997 to the magnificent total of 508,398.9. for which we are deeply grateful! Furthermore we would like to pay a special tribute to Mrs. Una Black for her professionalism and genuine interest in the Club. She has always been there when called upon for advice and she has kept us informed of all aspects of the FAS Schemes. She is undoudtedly a true friend to the Club.

Finally, I would like to mention my co-sponsor of the FAS Schemes, Mr. Brian Harkin. For the past five years Brian has shown dedication and commitment to the Club and specifically to his FAS responsibilities. It has been my great privilege to have worked with Brian and hopefully the Club will continue to benefit from FAS participation in Ballyliffin Golf Club.


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