Ballyliffin Golf Club

Golden Jubilee Commerative Booklet 1947 - 1997

"Youth in the Future"
by Paschall Harkin (Youth Convenor)

Fred Daly Team 1996

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"Like Topsy, it jes growed", wrote Daley in an article describing the origin and phenomenal growth of little league baseball in America. He may well have been reflecting on the worldwide growth of childrens sport generally.

For many years, schools have been the main sources of sports education providing the inspiration, teaching and playing opportunities for many games. It is wonderful today to see this opportunity for continued participation in sport being nurtured in communities. Ballyllffin Golf Club remains no exception and have always encouraged participation by the youth of the area.

Golf is a most exciting and challenging game as well as being extremely popular. It is like most games, best taken up at an early age when the learning process was so much easier. Many of todays top players began playing golf when they were very young. The growth of television coverage of major golf tournaments has given many young people the opportunity to watch and study the great golfers of today, yet it is so much better, having watched them to get out there and play yourself. Many of todays male and female members of our club, a lot of whom are playing off single figures, took their first steps on a tee and fairway in Ballyliffin.

The continued youth policy of the club has seen the numbers in our youth section grow from strelfgth to strength. The talent and expertise of several of the young golfers is the envy of the more senior members. Their skill. dedication and commitment to the game are attributes to be greatly admired and augurs well for the club teams of the future.

1996 saw for the first time. Ballyliffin Golf Clubs participation in the Fred Daly Competition. This very talented team did themselves and their club proud by reaching the 3rd round of the competition, which was no mean feat. considering the wealth of talented players from all over Ulster.

1997 has seen the enrolment of thirty-eight junior members who are currently learning the skills and etiquette of the game. They will soon progress to playing in weekly competitions over the summer months. With all this talent to the fore. who knows. Ballyliffin may one day produce its own "Tiger Woods".

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