1. The testing requirements laid down for Shows and Sales are intended to protect the health of your animals at the Show.

You can take further steps to ensure that your animals are not exposed to any disease risk by:

-moving animals direct from farm to show site;

-disinfecting the vehicle used to transport your animals before loading;

-insisting that all steps necessary to protect your animals are taken by the show committee.

You should contact your local D.V.O. as soon as you decide to exhibit at any show; this will ensure that all required documentation is in order before the date of the show.

2. T .B. and Brucellosis Status:

All animals must come from herds which are not restricted and have had a clear herd test in the previous 12 months. All eligible animals (ie. females and bulls over 12 months of age) must be pre-movement tested for Brucellosis in the previous 30 days.

3. Calves

Calves must bear double plastic tags and be accompanied with identity card.

4. Warble Fly

Details of precise requirements available from District Veterinary Office.


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