Trophy presented to the person with the most First Prizes from Sec. 138- 169

Sec. 138 Plain Soda Scone

Sec. 139 Plain Wheaten Scone

Sec. 140 Treacle Scone

Sec. 141 Madeira Cake

Sec. 142 Boiled Fruit Cake

Sec.143 Cherry Cake

Sec. 144 Sultana Cake

Sec. 145 Ginger Cake

Sec. 146 Sponge Sandwich

Sec. 147 Six Queen Cakes

Sec. 148 Six Plain Scones

Sec.149 Six Wheaten Scones

Sec. 150 Six Dropped Scones

Sec. 151 Round of Shortbread

Sec.152 A Child's Birthday Cake

Sec. 153 Coffee Sponge

Sec. 154 Coffee Cake

Sec.155 Apple Tart (shortcrust pastry)

Sec. 156 Porter Cake

Sec.157 Carrot Cake

Sec. 158 Marble Cake

Sec.159 Chocolate Cake

Childrens Sections


Sec. 160 Six Plain Tea Scones

Sec. 161 Sponge Cake

Sec. 162 Six Queen Cakes

Sec. 163 Apple Tart


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