Sec. 124 Busy Lizzie

Sec. 125 Six Roses

Sec.126 Six Pansies

Sec. 127 Six Dahlias

Sec. 128 Fern in Pot

Sec. 129 Geranium in Pot

Sec. 130 Large Leaf Begonia

Sec.131 Dwarf Begonia in Pot

Sec. 132 Plant in Pot for Table Decoration

Sec. 133 Evergreen in Pot

Sec. 134 A Small Flower Arrangement for a table

Sec. 135 A Large Flower Arrangement for a table

Sec. 136 A Flower Arrangement by a child under 16 years

Sec.137 A Flower Arrangement of Wild Flowers by a child under 14 years

Entries containing garden flowers will not be judged.


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