Entry Fee 50p per item

PRIZES: 1ST £5.00; 2nd £300, 3rd £2.00

Judging commences at 12 noon sharp

All entries must be in marquee before 11.30am at the latest.

Trophy presented to the person with the most First Prizes from Section 104 -137


Sec. 104 Two Half Pound Prints of Butter, slightly salted


Sec.105 Half Dozen Hen Eggs, White

Sec.l06 Half Dozen Hen Eggs, Brown

Sec.l07 Half Dozen Duck Eggs


Sec.108 Early Potatoes, half dozen

Sec. 109 Lettuce, three heads

Sec. 110 Rhubarb, six stalks dessert

Sec.111 Rhubarb, six stalks preserve

Sec.112 Best Turnip, bunch of three

Sec. 113 Carrots, Half Dozen

Sec. 114 Onions, half dozen

Sec .115 Beetroot, half dozen

Sec.116 Dish of Tomatoes, half dozen

Sec. 117 Dish of Strawberries

Sec.118 Parsnips, half dozen

Sec.119 Dish of Gooseberries

Sec. 120 Dish of Blackcurrants

Sec.121 Three Yorks

Sec.122 A selection of fresh herbs

Sec. 123 The An Bord Glas All-Ireland Quality Potato Championship Sponsored by An Bord Glas

Rules and Conditions:

1. In this competition the produce must be the property of and be grown by the exhibitor.

2. Each exhibit to consist of the following: a dish of 6 potatoes of any variety. The variety to be correctly named. Each tuber should be free from skin blemishes, be true to type, and weigh approximately 6oz. (170g.).

3. One exhibit to qualify at each show.

4. This being a quality championship, the adjudicators will take due note of the dry matter (D.F.M.) content o'fthe particular variety exhibited.

Entry fee to qualifying show 2.00. To .final 5.00.

Prizes: 1 st 250 and An Bord Glas Perpetual Trophy and Replica, 2nd 100; 3rd 50. All qualifiers will receive An Bord Glas Plaque. Adjudication at the final will commence at 12 noon and exhibits should not be removed before 5.20pm.

Final: Tullamore Show on Sunday. 13th August. 2000.

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