Entry Fee: £2.00 Prizes: 1st £15: 2nd £10: 3rd £5

HI Golden Vale Saint Brendan's Irish Cream Liqueur All Ireland Yearling Filly Championship Sponsored by Golden Vale

Rules and Regulations:

1. Rules 3, 8, 9, 11, 13 of the I.S.A. General Rules do not apply to this championship. Animals will qualify for the final on a points awarded system.

2. Animals seeking qualification must be by an approved or SI stallions entered in the IHR Stallion list, or be entered in Weatherby's Non-Thoroughbred Register.

3. Identification Passports for animals seeking qualification must be produced in Class and at the final.

Rules and Conditions:

1. Animals will be awarded points during the normal show classes following judging as follows:- First 4 points, Second 3 points, Third 2 points, Fourth 1 point.

2. Animals accumulating seven points are deemed to be qualified.

3. Excess points are not transferable but, in the event of an already qualified animal being placed above one not yet qualified, the lower placed animal will be awarded the points allocated to the higher placing. Note, animals receiving points in this way may only be allocated the points relevant to the placing directly above them, e.g. If the first and second animals in the class are already qualified, the third placed horse can only be given 3 points, i.e. The points allocated to second place.

4. On reaching the qualifying mark of 7 points no further points will be awarded to any animal. However, the animal is not prevented from taking part in, and collecting prizemoney at subsequent shows, whether these shows are selected or not.

5. IHR registration books must be produced at each show. No book, no points, (this rule will be strictly adhered to).

6. Entry fee to the final, in each case, is £ 10. Prizes: Champion £500 and Scariff Show Society Trophy value £100 and Sash; 2nd £200; 3rd £150; 4th £100; 5th £75; 6th £50. All Qualifiers will receive Rosette and £20 at final. The Breeder of winning filly will receive £100

Final -Scariff Show on Saturdav 21st September 2000.

H2 The IR£2000 Kildysart Two Year Old Filly All Ireland Championship Sponsored by: Kildysart Show, Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Clare Oil.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Entries are confined to two year old fillies, registered in the I.H.R. and by an approved or SI Stallion or Weatherby's Non Thoroughbred Register.

2. One filly may qualify, provided the judges and the I.S.A. agree the standard is high enough.

3. Passports must be produced at the qualifying show and at the final.

4. Exhibitors in both the qualifier and the final must have the filly's passport or I.D. Cert ready for inspection prior to entry to the judging ring. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.

Entry fee to final: £10. Prizes: Ist£600; 2nd£400; 3rd£200; 4th £l00; 5th £75; 6th £50; 7th -25th £25 each. Final: Kildysart Show on Thursday 24th Aulrnst 2000.


H3 Irish Draught Horse Society (Donegal Branch)

The above Society are running a Qualifier for Irish Draught Horses.

Class 1

R.I.D. and A.I.D. Mares 3 year old and upwards in foal or with foal at foot to be shown in hand.

Class 2

R.I.D. and A.I.D. Yearling Colt, Gelding or Filly to be shown in hand.

Class 3

R.I.D. Colt or Filly Foal


1. Identification Passports to be presented at time of judging.

2. The breeding of the animal must be printed on the entry form ( e.g. Sire and Dam)

3. This Qualifier is confined to County Donegal.

4. Animals entering these Qualifiers are eligible to enter another section of the show

5. The horse receiving the most points after all the shows in Donegal will receive:-

CHAMPION: Perpetual Cup presented by the Society and a Free Voucher.

Rosettes are sponsored by the Donegal Branch of the IDHS and the points are awarded as follows:

1st place: 3 points

2nd place: 2 points

3rdplace: 1 point

A representative on behalf of the Donegal IDHS will attend each Show totalling the Points and the Awards will be presented to the Winners at a Reception later in the year hosted by the Society .

Qualifying Shows: Bonagee -Finn Valley -lnishowen -Clonmany -Ardara -Ballyshannon.

Entry fee to each show £3

H4 Irish Draught Type Brood Mare. Winner receives free service for mare from Robert Watters, Dromore, Co. Tyrone.

H5 One or Two Year Old Colt, Gelding or Filly to be shown on hand.

H6 Best Foal Colt or Gelding

H7 Hunter Type Brood Mare with Foal at Foot.

H8 One or Two Year Old Colt, Gelding or Filly to be shown on hand. Winner receives Perpetual Cup from McDaid Bros., Halfway House, Burnfoot.

H9 Best Foal Colt or Filly Winner of the above section will be eligible to enter for the Overall Champion Horse of the Show.

The lnishowen Engineering Manufacturing Company Ltd. Perpetual Cup will be presented to the winner

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