Sheepdog Trials
Chairmen, Secretaries, Treasurers since 1954

The important functions and responsibilities of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer has been undertaken by the following members down through the years starting with the earliest in 1954:


1. Phillip Grant
2. Conal Duggan
3. P Gibbons
4. Charlie McGonigle
5. John Harkin
6. Marius Noone, M McCole


1. Nuala Grant
2. Michael McHale
3. Melaoise Doherty
4. Charlie Coyle
5. Daniel and Anne Noone
6. P Devlin and G Martin
7. Michael and Roma Devlin


1. Packie Harkin, Nuala Grant
2. John McGee
3. John McEleney (Tip)
4. Packie Friel
5. Lexie Doherty, Rev J Morris
6. Patsy Devlin, Rev J Morris
7. Mary Harkin, Pauline Harkin
8. Mary Harkin, Marius Noone

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Committee Members since 1954

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