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  The spectacular Glenevin Waterfall is located between Straid and Crossconnel, 2KM from the village of Clonmany. The roadside entrance to the waterfall and picnic area is beside the Glen House, which in turn leads the intrepid adventurer along Glenevin valley.

This waterfall, wedge in shape, cascades fresh mountain water descending over black rock from an astounding height of 30 feet. The expanse at the top measures 15 yards which curls gracefully to 1.5 yards at the bottom. The basin below called Pohl–an-eas, derives its meaning from the foam which lies on the surface of the pool. Pohl-an-eas translates into English as the ‘ferment pool’.

The walk up Glenevin valley to the waterfall takes the rambler on a safe route which is well designed and sign posted. Newly installed picnic areas blend easily into the natural landscape and provides the rambler with ample opportunity to relax and enjoy a picnic. Although the trek up to the waterfall is not so strenuous that it is necessary to stop and eat, it does allow one to stop and take in the spectacular views at a slower and more rewarding pace. However, do not stop to relax for to long as the end result, the waterfall, is unsurpassed by anything else in its league in terms of beauty and splendour. Footbridges are dotted along the track as you criss-cross the babbling stream, stepping stones are available for the adventurous types.


Birdseye view of the waterfall.


Ode to Glenevin Waterfall
McLaughlin, a local poet.

"Thus the sun's parting beams on the hills are delaying.
The vale's overshadowed where daily I roam;
But one lingering ray's on the waterfall playing,
Over deep Polh-an-eas with its bosom of foam.

As I stand in that glen so romantlo and lonely,
where the wild clover screams from its heath-bower of green.,
Nought now is heard save the cataract only,
And its echoes, that roll down the mountain ravine.

Polh~an~eas! how long, since a lover of nature,
With thrilling sensation of pleasure and awe,
First gazed on thy face; where each time-worn feature
Bears impress of Him who gave nature its law?

And ages shall roll as the spray that rolls o'er thee,
Unheeded, unfelt as the sigh of the gale;
When the heart that now pours its effusion before thee
Shall be laid in the dust a mere cloud of the vale."

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